My Hope’s for 2020

We’re coming to the end of a year and the end of a decade which to put it mildly hasn’t been great. For me personally it’s actually been a pretty good year which sometimes makes me feel guilty when I think about the state the country has got itself in and the struggles that people are going through.

Liars became leaders, racists become emboldened, hate crime rises, the poorer get poorer and the rich get richer. Meanwhile the planet gets hotter whilst we argue about what to do.

So, to begin with I hope that liars face consequences, that truth is revealed and that fake news doesn’t come with us into a new decade. I hope that racist’s words and actions are called out for what they are. I hope that we can accept people for who they are not who they love.

I also hope that we stop becoming so quick to judge and label people. That we pause, listen and discuss. I hope that people can have a question about immigration without being called a racist. I hope that using the wrong term for someone isn’t seen as an offence but as a chance to educate and discuss. I hope that we can celebrate the efforts and changes that people make to help improve the environment without chastising them for still enjoying the occasional piece of meat or for wanting to travel and make memories.

If we punish ourselves for not reaching perfection we can miss out on celebrating the progress that we make, the milestones that we meet and the advances we continue to strive for. If we listen to the extremes and the soundbites we can easily overlook the fact that the vast majority of us, although far from perfect are good human beings. We are people who are capable of love, of compassion, of forgiveness and of hope. Acts of kindness occur every minute of every hour of every day but fear sells, and division makes for good headlines.

My final hope for 2020 is that you are happy and healthy.


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